It has been a good 5 years since launch of We have met great clients, delivered amazing projects and kept perfecting Rock Crystal carving skills.

And now, I'm excited to introduce a refreshed, providing better display of products and online purchasing experience (our previous web site has no ecommerce ability). This is a much better place for clients to check out our new products, buy off-the-shelf products, or place orders. 

A BIG Thank You for everyone that has dealt business with us, supported and helped us along the way!

For those who are not familiar with, we are a boutique Rock Crystal Workshop located in China and Australia. We make custom fabulous Rock Crystal crafts using quality minerals from China and Brazil. Our price is highly competitive because we managed to acquire raw quartz directly from quarry.

If you are new here, please checkout our Pendants range. We have been handmaking pendants for years and many of our clients are extremely pleased with quality and low price of our pendants. It would be a good starting point to trial our products.

Please note that, we do not stock some of our products, mainly pendants. We make to order. This means once your order is placed, we will fabricate products upon your order within the given lead time. However for most of products, the picture displayed is for the actual product you will receive.

If you have any question, please don't hesitate to ask me here. Whether it's about our product or any semi precious stones in general. I have studied Gemology and Chemistry in the past and have years of commercial experience with quartz, Amethyst, Sapphire etc.  i will try to answer it with best of my knowledge.

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