Why are your prices so low?

We make quality rock crystal crafts and offer customer an unbeatable price thanks to our manufacture-direct business model.

We acquire Chinese and Brazilian quartz and work with best craftsman in China to fabricate products. Your order will be shipped directly from our warehouse. We don't rent expensive show room, instead, we focus on making fine products and pass on the saving to you.

Here is a price comparison.

If you are looking for a coffee table decoration, you should seriously consider a pair of obelisks. Everywhere they appear, these towers bring along a dose of elegance and gravitas.

An Art Dealer would sell them around $5500 for a 19.75" pair. As this.

Our price is about $850 for a basic 15" pair, 1000 for 17", $1500 for 20" , $2000 for 23",  $2500 for 25" ...

Check out our obelisks range.

If you see anything interesting on our site or anywhere from Google, please contact us. I will happily discuss with you to fabricate your art idea. We don't charge extra fees for custom order.


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